Find more about Weather in Gdynia, PL

Gdynia Poland has a climate that clearly defines the transition between basically four individual seasons, and although there is plenty of nice weather in Gdynia Poland the weather can be a bit extreme at times as well. The climate in Gdynia is defined as Pomeranian, which means that the summers can get pretty warm and the winters considerably cold. In fact, during the summer months temperatures can reach in excess of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the winter months the city sometimes sees temperatures well into the sub zeros. This does not deter visitors during either season, though, as there is so much to be explored and enjoyed in the city that it is well worth dealing with some extreme temperatures in either direction for. This is why thousands of people still visit the city all through the year. Of course, being a port city there is much to do in regards to water activities, and with a number of beaches that visitors can go to as well you can see why the summer months are a popular time to visit Gdynia Poland. If you do decide to take your trip during the summer and you are worried about extreme temperatures you may want to avoid August. A better time to visit would be during May or June if you want to experience the best weather during the summer.

If you decide to visit Gdynia during the winter months there is little doubt that it will be cold so you have to prepare yourself, but if you do there are a number of winter activities to enjoy. The coldest months by a long shot are January and February, so you may want to avoid those two months if you plan to visit during the winter and spend your time outdoors. December tends to be much milder in Gdynia, not to mention the city is a great place to visit during Christmas time, and by March the winter weather begins to drift away so you will see warmer temperatures here and there. Anytime is good though, as long as you pack your warm clothes.

Gydnia Poland’s weather can definitely vary from day to day, month to month, and year to year but the weather is not bad by a long shot. Anytime you visit is worth any weather or temperatures you will face, and anytime you visit it is sure to be an experience.