Gdynia Shopping

One advantage of visiting a city in Poland that is as new as Gdynia is the newer shopping venues available to visitors. Not only are there traditional stores and malls, but there are also unique stores offering unique and older goods as well. These latter types of shops tend to be on the tourist streets, so they are often within very close proximity to the most popular Gdynia hotels and hostels, making such places easily accessible for travelers to this wonderful city. Whether you are looking for the perfect outfit for a night out on the town in Gdynia or you are looking for the perfect item to bring home to remind you of your visit to the modern city you will be able to find something somewhere while you are there. And you will have even more luck finding what you are looking for if you have a guide to tell you where the best shops and collections of stores are. There are a couple of malls and a couple of types of shops that visitors often look for when they visit Gdynia.

Where to Shop

  • Klif – Not only is Klif the first mall to be constructed in Gdynia but it is also one of the best in regards to stores and other offerings as well. There are plenty of stores to choose from, offering a huge variety of goods. Everything from clothing to accessories to jewelry to toys and housewares are available at the Klif shopping mall. Some of the stores located within the mall include Jean Paul, H&M, Henri Lloyd, Magnific, Prima Moda, Swarovski, Venezia, Time Trend, and Almi Décor. In addition there are a number of restaurants that visitors can dine at when they visit Klif in Gdynia, namely one called Como. Although there are plenty of stores in this mall alone to keep you busy for at least a day, you do not want to miss out on something unique that they may not have by skipping out on other malls and stores.
  • Batory – Batory is another large shopping center with many great stores. The state-of-the-art building houses nearly 100 individual stores, restaurants, and specialty shops in addition to office space on certain floors. There are sporting goods stores, clothing stores, cosmetics stores, jewelry stores, and even, of course, children’s stores. Whether you need something for during your stay in Gdynia or you want to find something special to take home you should be able to find either or at Batory. You also get to see a wonderful example of Gdynia’s more modern architecture, which is also enjoyable. So even if you are not shopping the Batory building is a great place to stop and see on an architectural tour of the city.
  • Dom Towarowy Chylonia – Dom Towarowy Chylonia, which translates to Department Store Chylonia, is a huge store that has many offerings, including food. There are very few department stores that are so big that they take an entire day to completely go through, but this department store is that big and it is worth a visit to. Dom Towarowy Chylonia is conveniently located in Gdynia so visitors can easily get there, and its long hours give visitors plenty of time to go as well. Although the department store may not have as many offerings as some of the bigger malls, it is definitely worth a visit on a shopping journey in the city of Gdynia.

These are just the larger malls that visitors can shop at on a Gdynia shopping tour, but to be sure, there are plenty of small stores that are well worth going to as well. Amber stores and galleries offer a very unique shopping experience and will provide you with beautiful items to bring home, whether for yourself or for someone back home. Also, a trip to Hala Targowa will give you the opportunity to buy some local fruits and vegetables, and you will also find a flea market offering all sorts of local goods. And finally, there are all different types of unique stores along Gdynia’s main shopping streets, which are Świętojańska and Starowiejska. This is a place that almost all visitors try to make time for, and you will see why when you walk down the streets and see all of the wonderful stores. Wherever you decide to do your shopping in Gdynia just be sure you do, because if you do you will find the perfect souvenir to take home with you.