Nightlife in Poland’s Most Modern City

As you can expect in a more modern city, the nightlife in Gdynia Poland is definitely active. Although there may not be quite as many hotspots as there are in the other two cities that make up the Tricity area, they are definitely as hot as the bars and clubs in those cities. You may not get the old world atmosphere in any of the places you will go in Gdynia, but the modern atmosphere characteristic of many of the establishments is something to see as well. This is a completely different side of the country that you will get to see, as many of the cities in Poland date back as far as the 16th century. To be sure, each of the Tricities is worth a visit, as each of them has something unique to offer, but a tour of the three cities would not be complete without some time spent enjoying the Gdynia nightlife. There are enough clubs and bars in Gdynia, though, that you will definitely not have enough time to visit all of them in one night. So if you are not in Gdynia for more than one night you will want to know which hotspots are the hottest. There are a number of spots in particular that get the most attention from both travelers and locals alike. If you’re lucky you will get to visit at least one or two of them during your tour of Gdynia’s nightlife.

Bars – Bars tend to offer a more mellow nightlife atmosphere compared to the music thumping club. Many bars tend to specialize in providing local beers, and in some cases even local food, as opposed to the club where the main intent is to party. Everybody has their preference, and if you are more the bar type then there are a couple of places you may want to check out during your stay in Gdynia.

  • Café Strych – As far as bars and pubs go, if you are looking for something unique then Café Strych deserves a visit, because the interior alone is anything but usual. And the décor is surely unusual. Either way, Café Strych offers up a great drink and a great time as far as the bar/pub type atmosphere goes. This is also a great place to go during the winter to get warmed by the traditional cast iron stove.
  • Barbaresco – Barbaresco is a restaurant and a bar, so the best thing about this place is you can enjoy a delicious slice of pizza along with your drinks. This is a great place to go to spend the evening as well as a great place to start your evening. Barbaresco specializes in Italian wines and specially made mixed drinks, so if you go here you may want to try something besides beer.
  • Barbados – This is another restaurant/bar, with a particularly lively Saturday night. The food here is great so if you are just beginning your night it is a great place to stop and grab a drink and a bite. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and serves all different varieties of food, including Polish. In fact, this is a great place to try the delicious pierogi. Although the music tends not to be local, the general feel of the atmosphere definitely speaks local. Barbados is worth a visit, whether just for a drink or for an extended visit.

Clubs – Clubs are where the party is at, and while they do not usually serve food they do tend to serve up a good time. The music is usually much more club like, rather than mellow, and the patrons tend to get all dressed up and go to the clubs ready to dance. Poland itself is known for its club scene and if this is what you are looking to experience and you are visiting Gdynia then you should know that there are a few hotspots that people tend to flock to particularly.

  • Elypse Club – If you are looking for one of the hottest places to be when you are in Gdynia visiting then this should surely be one of your stops. Be sure to be in the mood for loud music, dancing, and great drinks if you go there though. And be sure to be in for a long night, because once you get to Elypse Club it will likely be a little while before you will want to leave there. And why should you not stick around to enjoy the nightlife in one of the countries known for the hottest of the hottest nightlives around?
  • Club Elizjum – Those that are looking for an atmosphere that is completely unique from anything they have ever seen in the way of clubs there is Club Elizjum. The colors and décor alone in this club are a site to be seen, with something unique around every single corner. And in addition to music the club has multiple television screens as well, for those that do not necessarily get into the dancing type club scene. A club tour of Gdynia is not a real tour without a visit to Club Elizjum.
  • Club Poklad – Club Poklad is a very diverse club that is always entertaining visitors with something different. The music varies greatly, with live music some nights and DJs on other nights, and there is even totally unique entertainment sometimes, such as dancers and theme nights. Almost anyone who visits Gdynia looking for clubs ends up at Club Poklad, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the diverse atmosphere too.

The nightlife in Gdynia Poland is anything but lame, which is why so many visitors come here looking for the bars and clubs in the city. In Gdynia you get the usual Polish hospitality in a wide variety of great atmospheres. So be sure to pack your club clothes before heading out to Gdynia Poland, and you will be sure to find a club experience like you have never had before your visit.