Gdynia Poland may be a fairly young city compared to some of the other Polish cities, but that in no way means that there are any fewer sights to see while visiting the Polish city that is a prime example of modernity. The modern architecture of the city is worth taking a tour for alone, but Gydnia also has many typical, and many not so typical, attractions to enjoy as well. Being a modern city and being a major tourist destination in Poland, the city has made successful efforts at making the city enjoyable for tourist, with many attractions for both adults visiting the city as well families visiting together. In fact, there are so many fun and exciting attractions in and around the city to see that there is no way to possibly discuss all of them. And there is no way that you can visit all of them either, so what you need is a list of Gdynia’s top attractions to see, then you can get the best of the best out of this wonderfully modern Polish city. There are six attractions in Gdynia that get significant attention by visitors who visit the city.

Museums – Museums are a great way to take up day time hours when you are on a vacation, and they are a great way to get to know about the place you are visiting. There are a few in Gdynia that are especially interesting because they focus specifically on Gdynia and Poland.

  1. The Museum of the City of Gdynia – Even though Gdynia’s history does not date back all that far, the history of the city is still interesting. Learning a little bit about a city’s history is a common activity for visitors and in many cases there are not nearly enough museums dedicated to local history but in Gdynia this is not the case. The Museum of the City of Gdynia is one out of a number of museums that each teach you something different about the city’s history. The museum only dates back to 1983 but the exhibits profile all of the short history of the city.
  2. Gdynia’s Automotive Museum – Another great museum if you want to take a historical tour of Gdynia is the Automotive Museum. The museum displays a wonderful collection of old automobiles and motorcycles, many brought to the museum by the collector and founder of the museum. The most interesting thing about the museum is the way that the museum building itself is set up. Inside Gdynia’s Automotive Museum you will find that cars and motorcycles are displayed on a reproduction of an old Gdynia street made of cobblestone. Visitors can also learn the interesting story of the founder of the museum when they visit as well, an interesting story that makes the visit worth your while.
  3. The Polish Navy Museum – The Polish Navy Museum is one of the most interesting museums in the city and has one of the most unique and extensive collections out of all of the Gdynia museums. The main attraction at the museum is a Polish Navy ship called Błyskawica, a very well-known ship used by the navy. The other exhibits in the museum tell the history of naval arms dating back to the 17th century. For those that are interested in Polish history this is a museum that is a must-see.

Science and Nature – Science and nature are always fun to experience, and it seems like everywhere you travel around the world there are different species and phenomenon to explore. Whether you are visiting Gdynia with children or you are visiting alone, you can still take time to learn a little bit about science and nature.

  1. Gdynia Aquarium – The Gdynia Aquarium is a very popular attraction in the city, for both adults as well as children. The aquarium is located close to the water, on the outer edge of the city, which adds to its maritime feel, and the museum houses a diverse population of sea life that visitors can come to see. The reptiles, fish, and amphibians that are housed at the museum come from a number of different countries, including both North American and African countries, as well as European countries, including Poland of course. Gdynia Aquarium is open year-round so whenever you visit you will not have to miss out on seeing it.
  2. Experyment Science Center – For those visitors to Gdynia that like a good dose of science every now and then the Experyment Science Center will be a delightful attraction to see. Kids love the science center, and not surprisingly adults do too. At the science center kids can explore all different scientific phenomenon through a hands on approach. The different types of hands on learning displays that kids can enjoy is considerably extensive, with some pretty unusual exhibits. The museum is definitely worth visiting, particularly if you are traveling with your children. And you will get to enjoy watching them explore science in this wonderful science center.
  3. The Maritime Museum Planetarium – Planetariums are not only a great learning tool that will get kids interested in astronomy, but they are also a lot of fun to see. The planetarium that is located in Gdynia’s Maritime Museum is one of exceptional quality that not just kids will love but the entire family. The planetarium projection consists of 38 outlines of constellations, five planets, the moon, the sun, and almost 5,000 stars. And seeing the planetarium is so much like really looking up into the sky that kids and adults alike will be amazed. The Maritime Museum Planetarium makes for an inexpensive day outing for you and your family during your Gdynia vacation.

There is plenty to do during your stay in Gdynia Poland. Between outdoor activities, shopping, and the exciting nightlife of the city you can be sure you will never be bored. If you take a little time out for the attractions the city is known for too, you will enjoy your stay ion Gdynia even more.