Featured Gdynia Hotels

While there are many older cities in Poland that are characterized by that old world European charm, there are some newer cities that have something to offer to visitors as well. Gdynia Poland is a more modern city, with modern Gdynia hotels and other Gdynia accommodations, and although that simple charm may not be there that does not mean that there is not plenty of Polish culture to explore. There are a couple of buildings that have lasted from the old town that Gdynia once was before it became a city, but for the most part everything in the city is relatively new, not a downside as far as those that live there are concerned. The city is also major sea port in the country, which adds to the diverse atmosphere alone, and it is included in a network of three separate cities that together make up the Trójmiasto, or Tricity area. The other two cities include Gdańsk which is the country’s most important sea port, and Sopot, which is the spa town of the trio. Although Gdynia itself has a population of only of between 200,000 and 300,000, the Tricity area combined is home to more than a million people. This means, if you stay in Gdynia Poland in one of the fine Gdynia hotels you also get within close proximity two additional wonderful Polish cities to explore. Gdynia has many things to enjoy during your stay in the modern city, and much to leave your Gdynia accommodations behind to explore. There are a number of museums worth visiting, a few different beaches worth spending a day at, delicious food that is worth working up an appetite for, some serious shopping worth taking out your wallet for, and a vibrant nightlife well worth looking forward to. If these factors are not enough to encourage you to visit the exciting city of Gdynia, then think about the wonderful modernity of the city that you get to explore. The buildings in the city may be newer but that does not make them any less significant from an architectural standpoint, and culture can be thoroughly explored at the many festivals held throughout the city in various months. The point is, Gdynia may not be old but it has much to offer to visitors and much to explore.